The Retirement Fund takes the security of its website and the personal information supplied by its subscribers to The Retirement Fund very seriously. Please see Terms and Conditions for  details about this website. The Retirement Fund and its authorized web hosting agent utilizes best in class solutions and processes to ensure website security standards are maintained. Unauthorized actions against The Retirement Fund website and its subscribers will be investigated. The Retirement Fund reserves the right to take legal action against offenders.


  1. What information of yours does The Retirement Fund collect?


The Retirement Fund collects information that is about an identifiable individual, referred to within as personal information. Personal information includes information that tells us specifically who you are, such as your name, address, and email address.


  1. How does The Retirement Fund use the information it collects?

The Retirement Fund uses the information it collects about individuals to identify their country of origin, address, and personal information. The Retirement Fund keeps this information on file to retain your spot on the list and also send your money to you when your goal is reached. Information collected is also kept on file to prevent resubmission after an individual's funding goal is reached and paid out.

3. How can you access and correct your Personal Information?

If you wish to access and update the information we have about you, please contact The Retirement Fund using the link at the bottom of our page.