The information on The Retirement Fund Web site has been made available in order to provide Web users in Canada, with information about The Retirement Fund and its operations.

The Retirement Fund web site refers to itself as (The Retirement Fund, We, Us, Our, and This). The users of The Retirement Fund are referred to as (User/s, You, Your, Yourself/Yourselves, People, and They). A few things to remember. This a crowd funding website. All monies received are non refundable. Money will only be distributed when a fund goal is reached. Everyone's information is kept on file even after they've been paid out and their account is closed. There is no guarantee when your goal will be reached. Funding goal fulfillment depends on how many people invest and the amount they invest. What is guaranteed is when your goal is reached, you will receive $1,000,000. We are in no way associated with the government of Canada. We are not a lottery. You must be at least 18 years of age to sign up to The Retirement Fund. You must reside in Canada with a proper Canadian residential address. No P.O. boxes, or business address will be accepted. The Retirement Fund is strictly open to all Canadian residents. If for any reason we are not able to contact you after your goal is reached, we will move the next person directly behind you on the list up. The Retirement Fund will try several times to contact you via email and phone. If you are unable to receive communication from us or unable to contact us after being apprised of your funding goal, we will proceed to contact the next person on the list. $1,000,000 funded goals will be held for up to one week after being reached. Your $5 or more will immediately be charged upon sign up to The Refinement Fund and all recurring investments will automatically be withdrawn at a regular interval based on your preferred recurring investment plan if you choose that option. Weekly or monthly recurring investments are not necessary for sign up. A minimum of $5 or more is necessary for sign up to The Retirement Fund and to get your name on the list. You can cancel your subscription at any time. If you would like to forgo your payout and take your name off the list, you must email The Retirement Fund and inform us of this intent. If you cancel your recurring payment at any time your name will remain on the list and continue to move up accordingly. There is no penalty for cancelation of recurring payments. Nothing will change regarding your subscription to The Retirement Fund unless you contact us and inform us otherwise. The list is based on a first come first serve bases. As soon as your identity is confirmed you will immediately be added to the list. We cannot provide information on when you will be paid out. We cannot provide information on any individuals who sign up to this website. Individuals will not be updated as to their status on the list when they move up. Individual updates may be a possibility in the future as we grow. Only when an individual's fund reaches its goal will they be contacted. Each individuals identity and privacy are protected. We will not ask anyone to publicly endorse us. We will not ask anyone for testimonials. Investment are made through PayPal, who accepts all major credit cards. Processing and transaction fees are collected upon sign up and recurring payments.

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