Step 1: Sign up to The Retirement Fund with your name, address etc.

Step 2: Upload or Email a picture of a Canadian government issued I.D. to The Retirement Fund: It could be an  I.D. card or drivers licence. Something with your full name, picture and current address for verification.

Step 3: Invest a minimum of $5 CAD or more.

Step 4: You’ll receive payment confirmation email then a follow up email letting you know what number you are on the list.

Step 5: Wait for your fund to grow to $1,000,000 and then we’ll contact you to set up payment.

When you sign up to The Retirement Fund and are verified you’ll be put on a list. (Don’t worry we don’t call anyone or check your credit for verification, we just want to make sure you are who you say you are and that you reside in Canada.) Let’s say you’re the third person on the list. Your $5 or more will be held in a fund for the person at the top of the list. Once that person’s fund reaches $1,000,000 they will be paid out and the second person gets bumped up to the top and so forth. When your fund reaches $1,000,000, you’ll be contacted. We’ll ask you how you would like your money to be sent to you and we’ll go from there. Once your money is sent to you we close your account.

Some people will get paid out and probably think “hey, that was easy, let me sign up again”. Sorry, but it’s a one time opportunity. We keep everyone’s Info on file so that there’s no double dipping. We strive for equality and fair play amongst all investors. We cannot pinpoint when your funding goal will be reached as that all depends on how many people are willing to invest and the amount or frequency with which they are willing to invest. But when your fund reaches its goal of $1,000,000 you are guaranteed to receive your payout.

We at The Retirement Fund encourage everyone to setup recurring payment investments especially if you buy coffee or lunch every day, buy cigarettes on regular bases, or even buy lottery tickets every week. We’re not saying to replace your indulgences with monthly recurring payments to The Retirement Fund unless you want to, we’re encouraging you to invest at least the same amount in something that will actually pay you back for your hard earned money. It’s up to you, we understand you may be skeptical and that’s okay too. $5 for $1,000,000 isn’t a bad investment either.

NOTE: If everyone who played the lottery every week invested the same amount into The Retirement Fund, we’d have multiple millionaires every day.

How Does My Fund Grow?

Your fund grows the same way that a lottery does. Your investment along with everyone else’s goes into a pool and once $1,000,000 is reached, the person at the top of the list is paid out and everyone moves up one spot. The more people that invest, the faster the $1,000,000 goal is reached. That also applies to the amount of money people invest. Meaning the more money one invests, be it one time or over a period of time, the faster the $1,000,000 goal is reached. There is an option to re-invest on a monthly bases automatically if you like as well. It’s like playing the lottery and knowing that you will win.

NOTE: You can invest on a regular bases if you like and it can be set up when you initially sign up.