Our Mission

The Retirement Fund would like to give everyone the opportunity to be financially free. At The Retirement Fund we believe life should be about living the way you want to live it. Not being burdened with trying to catch up on bill payments, being in debt, or living paycheque to paycheque. Not to mention job security or losing your job unexpectedly. We want to change the way people think about money and how they get it. People shouldn't have to wake up every day, go to work and slave away to put food on the table and keep a roof over their heads. Especially if they don't love or even like what they do. You'll often hear people say "then why don't you quit or do something else?" At The Retirement Fund we completely understand that it's not that easy. We also know that millions of people play the lottery everyday hoping to hit it big. You may be thinking The Retirement Fund is like the lottery. But it's not. It's about regular people investing in each other to achieve an equal and common goal.

It's called The Retirement Fund, but you don't have to retire if you don't want to. The Retirement Fund was created so that people can use the money in any way they see fit. We are not associated with the government in any way and this is not a lottery. Some people may want a safety net, pay off debt, secure their children's future, go back to school without owing a lender, spend less time at work and more time with family, pursue their entrepreneurial dreams, or just stay at home and kick back. We're not here to judge, we're here to help.

Our Belief

The concept of The Retirement Fund was brought about by thinking of the average income Canadian and what they need. What do we all need? "We all need money" is the answer. The Retirement Fund is basically a crowd funding site where people are helping people become millionaires. It can be done, just look at the lottery jackpots every week. That's everyone's hard earned money being collected and put into a pool then distributed about once every month mostly to one person. Just think about how many people would benefit if a draw was called every week and they picked numbers more than once to have a guaranteed winner every time. Then think about how many more people would benefit if they did that and then pulled numbers for every million in the pot. There'd be many more millionaires, a lot less stress and a lot less debt.

"People only spend 328 days socializing with friends, on average, over the course of a lifetime. However, the average person spends 13 years and 2 months at work," according to one analysis from HuffPost Australia

And that's if you live to about 80 years of age.

Here at The Retirement Fund we know that life is too short and precious to waste behind things that don't fulfil us. Most people would rather spend time with their families and enjoy everything life has to offer. Some people don't want to wait till retirement (age 60 - 65 - 70 or beyond), to enjoy their lives. While some people have to work to get by financially, and some people love their jobs, most people we've talked to would rather be doing something else with their lives. Those people ranged in age from baby boomers to millennial's. Here at The Retirement Fund we believe if we had to describe what the meaning of life meant to us in one word, it would be enjoyment. We know it's easier said than done because like it or not, everyone needs money to survive. People say work hard for what you want and you'll get it. But at the end of the day or looking back on your life, what are you going to remember the most? What are you going to regret the most? What do you want to be remembered for? Your work ethic, your 30 - 40 - 50 or more years of work? The Retirement Fund isn't knocking work, it's just our collective opinion that everyone should be doing what they really want to do with their lives. Everyone should have a fair shot at their ideal life and money shouldn't get in the way of that. We also believe that kids shouldn't have to start their lives in minus by being indebted to the government or a third party because they want to continue with post secondary education. Not to mention house prices. You almost have to be a millionaire to afford a house in most places in Canada. The Retirement Fund will appeal to all ages and to people at all stages in their lives.

By investing in The Retirement Fund you and everyone else who's invested, and will invest are helping each other. Those who say The Retirement Fund is a lottery would be very wrong. The lottery is run by your government. We don't believe people should be giving back their hard earned money to the government on top of paying taxes. The $2 to $5 people pay for a lottery ticket is money that most of those people never see again. And with the government running gambling/gaming, think about where the majority of that money is going. Another thing to keep in mind is that behind all of those house hold names brands and big corporations, there are people who own and run them. It's us, the average consumer that makes them billions of dollars.

In some cases money doesn't bring happiness but it can bring someone freedom and maybe a piece of mind. At The Retirement Fund we believe everyone should start or continue to invest in themselves.

NOTE: If 200,000 people invested only $5 each, we'd have one new millionaire.