Our Main Goal

People helping people to become millionaires.

At The Retirement Fund our goal is to harness the power of selflessness. People are generally kind, giving, and not afraid to help others. We've all seen this in many different areas all around the world. An average person becomes a local hero, someone donates a large amount of money to a good cause, or strangers helping strangers in times of need, distress, or disasters. These represent just a few out of the many, many examples of the kindheartedness of people.

For the average income person, living life could sometimes feel like an unending chore. The same routine day in and day out to maintain what they have, keep food on the table and a roof over their heads. The Retirement Fund wants to help people take control of their lives, at least financially.

The way we can accomplish this is through technology. Before there were crowdfunding websites there were fund raisers and donation events. But it's easier now more than ever to get and give people money. It can happen in an instant, and we at The Retirement Fund want to be the catalyst for that.

At The Retirement Fund we put a few things together to make this possible. Simply put, we are a crowdfunding Website that collects money from all subscribers, and everyone who invests gets paid. Check out our "How It Works" page for more info.

Next Steps...

Sign up for at least $5 or more. Get your name on our fund list. And that's it.